8 Things to keep in mind before purchasing an engagement ring

It’s an exciting time in your life when you’ve got a ring and are ready to pop the question. But before you do that, there are some things you should consider. It isn’t just about the wedding ring itself; it’s also about how it fits with her style and what kind of ring she’ll want to wear every day for the rest of her life. So here are some pointers for ensuring your future bride gets what she wants (and deserves) when it comes time to say “yes.”

Feel free to ask for help.

You can ask a friend or family member for advice or even go online and read up on different types of diamond cuts. An engagement ring is an investment in your relationship and future financial security, so it’s worth researching beforehand.

Consider an alternative stone.

If you’re looking for a unique stone, consider some alternatives to diamonds. They can come in various colours and still be just as beautiful. Some popular types include:

  • Moissanite: This type is similar to diamond but much less expensive. It’s also more complex than a diamond and will last longer for the perfect wedding ring.
  • Tanzanite: This type has an incredible blue hue that makes it perfect for people who love the ocean.


  • More affordable than diamonds and other precious stones like rubies or sapphires
  • More durable than most other alternatives (except for moissanite)


  • Not as hard as diamonds or moissanite

Pick a metal that works with her wardrobe.

A ring’s colour and style will influence its durability, but the metal can also affect how much wear and tear a call sees. For instance, gold is more malleable than platinum or palladium—meaning that it’s easier to bend and shape—and, therefore, less durable. On the other hand, titanium has a high tensile strength but can dent easily if dropped on hard surfaces (though this is true for all metals).

In addition to durability and maintenance considerations, there’s also the matter of cost: many women prefer to spend only a little money on an engagement ring because they want their partner to spend only what is necessary on something that might not be around forever. In addition, if buying an expensive piece of jewellery means you’ll have trouble affording next month’s rent payment or groceries at home, then it might not be worth going into debt just so that you can give her something nice right now; try exploring other options instead.

Shop around and compare prices.

You can save money by shopping around, comparing prices and finding the going rate for the ring you want. You should also find out the going rate for the diamond you wish to, as well as any special offers available.

Get a good sense of her ring size first.

Before you buy an engagement ring, it’s essential to get a good sense of her size. If you’re unsure of what size she wears, there are several ways to figure it out:

  • Ask her friends and family members if they know her ring size.
  • Ask her about the last time she bought a new ring or had one sized at the jeweller’s (if so, ask for this information).
  • Have her wear a ring that comfortably fits her finger as you take measurements. This could be anything from a plastic spool of thread to an old dishrag; anything in between will work, too.

Focus on the cut and colour over carat weight.

The most important factor when choosing a diamond is the cut. This refers to the symmetry and proportion of the stone, as well as the angle at which light enters it. The amount dictates how much sparkle your ring will have, so if you want your engagement ring to look worth more than its weight in gold, pay special attention to this aspect.

Lastly, consider carat weight carefully: while size matters somewhat when assessing a diamond’s value (larger stones will generally be more expensive), it shouldn’t be your top concern when shopping for an engagement ring. A smaller but high-quality stone will often cost less than a larger but low-quality one because there will be fewer imperfections within its surface area.

Know your C’s—and don’t worry too much about them.

  • Colour: The first of the C’s is described in fancy terms that you may need to recognize. The most important thing to know about colour is that it’s not just one aspect but its own separate category.
  • Cut: Cut relates to how well a diamond has been cut for maximum brilliance and fire—the prettier facets allow light to bounce around inside of it more easily, making it sparkle more beautifully than an uncut stone would.*

Buying an engagement ring can be stressful, but with proper preparation, it doesn’t have to be

  • Talk about what you want to buy before even looking at rings. Before looking at rings, sit down with your partner and discuss what kind of setting and style you would like on your ring. This will make it easier when you enter the store because you already know exactly what types of rings they carry.

This has helped you with some of the most important things to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring. With proper planning, preparation and research, it should be a breeze—and it’s definitely worth it because you’re making one of the biggest purchases of your life.

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