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Blue World City booking is everything about long-term & high-end security & comfort. Moreover, it provides a package of facilities, amenities, facets & features which are distinctive & stand out in their true meaning. Well, Blue World city ticks all the right & needed boxes. Whether it is one of the prime locations in the Twin Cities, offering a feasible & affordable payment plan, or being entirely legal, the society has stood out aspects.

In addition, on top of an affordable payment plan, the exceedingly easy, seamless & simple booking process tops it all. Also, we recommend highly doing thorough prior research before investing. It is so to avoid any future inconveniences, mishaps or legality issues. Considering the ever-evolving & growing real estate industry and the increasing scam rate, knowing the ways, means & pros/cons of the booking process is a must.

Blue World City

Blue World City is a trusted, promising & most luxurious housing brand in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Located on Main Chakri Road, it is a fully-fledged legal society, making Blue World City booking one of the safest & securest in the long run. Moreover, the highly skilled & experienced developers, architects & engineers’ team are just taking the living standards up a notch.

It is also the primary reason why the investors & general masses are taking the opportunity. Therefore, the Blue World City Islamabad booking process has several modes, mediums & means. Investors can opt for any as per their feasibility to book the plot. The following blog answers all the questions regarding the whole process.

Booking Process

Blue World City booking process is all about people wanting a separate thing. But remember that people wish to the way one would otherwise, too.

Modes of Booking

There are several modes & mediums for booking your plot in Blue World City. Major is the ‘manual’ & ‘Online’, catering to all investors. The main idea of Blue World City booking is to make it as simplistic, easy, seamless & simple as possible. Either way, being fully aware, researched & known before investing is highly advisable. Regardless of the medium, mode or means. Here are some of the basic yet most used ways of booking your plot in Blue World City Islamabad;


The online booking process is one of the highly accessible mediums. It is so because the reliability of the phenomenon of technology & especially in the 21st century, is beyond imagination. So much so that if a society has no online presence, the chance of its survival, let alone success, is exceedingly low. Therefore, every business/venture needs to have a solid online presence. The exact reason why all the successful & mega-huge societies hold great standing in the internet world.

Therefore, the Blue World city booking process is fully-fledged and possible online. Not only does it help in the booking process, but it also gives a plethora of information regarding which investment option is best/suitable. Apart from that, there are also a whole lot of reliable real estate firms that offer the best guidance & book your plot. Moreover, the overseas community is at the beneficial end of the online medium since they need an in-person presence. Therefore, doing the latest search before investing & choosing the right firms is always advisable.


The second most reliable medium is the manual one for the audiences of investors who want to rely on something other than the online medium. A particular possible investor might be ambiguous or unsure about the online procedure, so to satisfy & priorities their needs & wants, Blue World City has covered & catered for all targeted investors in every which way.

Property Types

The property types in society are varied & hugely ranged, making sure that investors from all walks of life are catered to. Moreover, Blue World City price are exceptionally manageable, easy & affordable. here are the available property types;

  • Overseas Block
  • General Block
  • Sports Valley
  • Awami Complex
  • Blue Hills Country Farms
  • Waterfront Block
  • Executive Block
  • Hollywood Block
  • Serene Villas

Documentation Needed

While booking a plot in Blue World City, the aspects of authenticity & legitimacy hold great importance. Therefore, here are the documentation required to reserve a plot in Blue World City.

  • 2 CNIC Copies of the investor
  • Next to kin Copy
  • Two Passport size photographs
  • Next to kin, ID copies
  • Two copies of overseas ID card

The last document is specifically required for the overseas community while booking.


Blue World City booking bears high-end & long-lasting future returns, making the long-seen dream a reality. Moreover, as luxurious & top-tier as is the development process, the booking procedures are equally simple & seamless. To cater to investors of all kinds, the developers (BGC) offer multiple booking options in terms of property types & even several modes & mediums. Potential investors can opt for any based on their financial feasibility.

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