Fast Boat Rental for Sea Cruise in Barcelona

Spending time on the water is one of the best ways to relieve stress or just spend time with your family. The simplest way to organize this kind of leisure is to rent a small boat. A sea trip on a speed boat has numerous advantages compared to other forms of recreation.

  • It’s an opportunity to see Barcelona from a new perspective.
  • It’s a unique yet active form of leisure.
  • On a small vessel, you can see the most prominent architectural monuments of Barcelona and enjoy the sea landscapes.
  • It’s an ideal form of leisure for a small group of friends or for a family outing.

A speed boat is a completely safe mode of transportation. Moreover, the boats from the Barcelona Boat Rental company regularly undergo technical inspections and are additionally checked before they are launched.

Rental cost

The cost of renting a motor boat in Barcelona depends on:

  • The number of invited guests;
  • Additional services (onboard service, boat decoration);
  • The duration of the rental (a few hours, a day, a few days).

On a luxury class vessel, you can feel like a real captain, albeit not far from Barcelona. Often, such boats are rented by fishing enthusiasts, as the best catch will definitely not be near the shore. Renting is much more beneficial than buying a watercraft, which requires constant investment in its maintenance. Moreover, the customer can inspect the boat before signing the rental agreement. After all, a boat in pictures and in reality are completely different things.

However, you need to order the boat in advance. On weekends and holidays, sea trips are especially popular, as every city resident wants to relax and get away from the daily routine, even if only briefly.

Motor boat rental for a celebration

If you need to organize a festive sea cruise in the Mediterranean for a small number of invited guests, renting a boat is a versatile option. It should be immediately noted that a motor boat is not designed for a large number of passengers. But the atmosphere of water relaxation is more important than the number of guests. You can celebrate on the boat:

  1. Wedding. The boat can easily accommodate the newlyweds and their closest friends. A beautiful photo session, a small table, an unusual route – you’ll have a home-like and very cozy celebration. Moreover, this can be just a part of the wedding program, as it is not necessary to spend the entire wedding at sea.
  2. Birthday. When else will you have an opportunity to ride a speed boat, if not on your birthday. You can organize a children’s party, hire an animator, or have it as a party with your friends.
  3. Organize a romantic evening. Romantic decoration and beautiful landscapes are a great way to prepare a nice surprise for a loved one.
  4. Just to walk around Barcelona. Do not think that sea excursions around Barcelona are only popular among tourists. Many residents of Barcelona speak enthusiastically about the city views that can be seen from the sea.

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