Here’s How To Clean Silicone Pipe? A Step-By-Step Guide.

You must know the importance of cleaning smoking gadgets if you are a smoker. Not only does it help you enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted smoking experience, but it also helps your pipes or bongs in good condition. Among the variety of smoking pipes available in the market, silicone pipes are the most popular ones. These are readily available in the market in many different sizes and colors.

Now for a better, uninterrupted smoking experience and longer lifespan, you must ensure that your silicone bong is in good condition. Furthermore, to ensure the long life span of your pipes, you need to know how to clean silicone pipe¬†correctly. In this article, you’ll learn various steps in cleaning silicone pipes. You will also learn why keeping your pipes or bongs clean is essential.

Why Clean Silicone Pipe?

Every time you put the herb in the pipe, a tar-like residue called resin from marijuana is created, which tends to sit on the corners and gaps of the pipe, especially if you have a silicone pipe. Silicone bongs are often designed with holes and curves that make their appearance attractive. When they don’t clean the residues regularly, they tend to clog the tube, which can hamper the smoke flow and interrupt the smoking experience. Hence, cleaning your silicone bongs frequently is essential for a smooth smoking experience.

How To Clean A Silicone Pipe?

Compared to wood or glass bongs, the ones in silicone are comparatively easier to clean. It is because of the sturdy material that is more flexible than others. You only need to know how to clean silicone pipe properly because any leftover resin in your pipe will keep on piling, which can hamper the flow of smoke.

Dismantle The Pipe

Usually, silicone bongs come with a metal spoon and a glass bowl, which you need to take out and wash carefully with lukewarm water and soap. Being the most delicate part, especially the glass bowl, make sure not to wash it in the dishwasher. After cleaning the spoon and bowl, set them aside to dry.

Freeze The Bong

Next, take the silicone bong, rinse it under the running water and then freeze it for about 30 minutes to an hour in the freezer. Doing so makes the bong’s residue brittle, making it easier to tap out the residue.

Tap The Residue

Once you freeze the pipe, all the residue in it also gets frozen, making it easy to tap away. All you need to do is to take the pipe and tap on a paper or sink; all the loose residue will fall off easily. For the residue stuck to the wall of the bong, take a cotton swab or a thin brush and insert it into it to clean.

Soak The Bong

Once you’ve removed all the ash residue from your silicone pipe, soak it in soap water for some time. Use warm water, add dishwashing liquid and some drops of apple cider or white vinegar). Leave the pipe in the solution for a few hours or overnight.

Now, take a soft-thin brush, and brush it off from the inside. Silicone pipes are usually designed with tiny air pockets, which you can clean with a soft brush.

Air Dry Everything

Now, once done with washing the pipe, make sure to air dry everything before reassembling it. Even a single drop of moisture can cause the inserted herbs to be moist or wet when puffed. As a result, you will experience a hampered flow of smoke.


A clean silicone bong or pipe means a better experience while smoking. And cleaning the pipe is not just for hygiene or vanity but is also for an unhampered, easy flow of smoke. And when there is a smooth flow of smoke, you get the best smoking experience with each inhale. Hopefully, the steps mentioned above will help keep your silicone pipes clean and in good condition for longer.

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