How to Rent a Car at the Airport? 3 Steps to the Best Trip

While traveling people always try to make the journey the most comfortable, but also not to overpay. Saving money starts right after you decide where to rent a car. When thinking about where and how to rent a car, people often consider that the easiest way is just to pick up a car at the airport. It’s really so. It’s very convenient to step off the plane and here at once pick up any car you like. However, you must understand that you pay extra money for this right.

Fees charged to rental companies by the airport where they do business are passed on to renters. So, the cost of your rented car automatically rises. If you decide not to rent a car at the airport, you can get around this overpayment. You need simply take a cab to the nearest car rental office that is not located on airport grounds. 

On the other hand, if you decide to rent a car at the airport, make a reservation beforehand. Doing this you’ll save your money on car rental. Pay for your reservation online and save on rent at Avis Heraklion.

1st Step: Rent a Car Ahead of Time or at the Airport?

Searching for a good rental car usually demands a big amount of time and energy. Therefore, consider the ahead of time reservations. The most often-asked question “Is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or online ahead of time?” 

Most car rental companies provide huge discounts for pre-booking or reservation, thanks to which the customers get a handy option to save more money. In fact, both rental companies and renters get an advantage of securing the reservations. The first ones try to get frequent business with the help of pre-bookings, the latter ones get significant discounts and car rental options.

Remember, that by booking last minute you lose numerous options provided by the car companies and the possibility to finalize the deals in an economic friendly manner. 

2nd Step: Use Your Credit Card and Avoid Insurance Traps

Reservation ahead of time is a good way of saving your money. Thus, if you arrive to pick up a car at the main franchise or counter, rental companies give the opportunity to book a car free of charge, using the credit cards.

There is one more way to save $15 – $25 a day on the cost of your car. You need your travel or a personal car insurance and a credit card for that. Your insurance may cover your vehicle during your rental. Make sure to take your insurance coverage with you to the car-rental office. Moreover, some companies have started to demand this before you can get the keys from a rented car. 

However, every customer must ensure that he or she got a  cheap car rental. Thus, reservation in advance also allows you to cancel the deal any time especially if you got a better proposal from the other company.

3rd Step: Avoid Extra Fees and Industry Quirks

Be aware that in rented cars there might be some privileges, which are charged additionally. Thus, car-rental companies these days can charge extra fees for everything from gas to GPS and tolls. Before renting a car, find out whether the rental company will charge some extra fees for using such things as GPS, satellite radio, transponder, tolls etc. Check the price — and decide if you really need those additions.

Mind that a rented GPS navigation system can be easily replaced by your smartphone. Instead of a satellite radio (up to $8 per day) you can always use your player or anything you like. So, try to avoid such hidden fees and save your money.

When to skip a car rental booking?

Despite the prevailing opinion that booking cars off-site ahead of time saves your money, there might be cases when it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it’s much more important to have the opportunity to pick up a car immediately upon landing than to save a certain amount of money. Here are a few reasons to skip a car rental booking:

  • Some car rental companies have limited hours. So, while you can rent a car at the airport locations 24/7, the downtown car rental companies are often closed on Sundays, or close earlier.
  • You still have to get to downtown somehow. If there’s no easy public transit downtown, you’ll have to pay for a taxi. 
  • Car rental companies located off the airport ground aren’t always cheaper. The trend that they’re generally cheaper than airport locations isn’t always true. So, before traveling make sure to compare the prices and then make a reservation.


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