How Will You Spot a Fake NBA Jersey?

NBA jerseys are must-haves for the summers that are loose-fitting, light and thin. But before you start looking for a classic NBA jersey, you must know knockoffs have filled the marketplace, making it difficult to distinguish an authentic from a fake one.

But if you choose to buy one, you must have the correct information to prevent yourself from falling prey to counterfeit products. You should look out for the following things to spot a fake jersey. So, keep reading.


Stitching can reveal a lot of information about a jersey. While a brand of classic NBA jersey has screen-printed numbers and lettering, the jersey editions of another brand are twill stitched. So, if you look at any other form of stitching, there is a good chance it is a fake jersey.

You should check the alignment of numbers and letters, as fake jerseys don’t space the letters evenly. Also, keep an eye out for frayed stitches, which are common in counterfeit jerseys.

Another way you can spot a fake NBA jersey is by looking at the patches. Usually, manufacturers use cotton paper-like backing for applying the patches, and fake jersey manufacturers don’t remove these backings, which are visible from the jersey’s inside.

Stock photos

Buying a classic NBA jersey from an unauthorised dealer can be a pain. Fake jerseys are common on various websites that often claim to be authentic, selling products at prices much lower than the recommended retail price.

These sites also use stock photos which is also another tell-tale sign. Remember, you can only see stock photos on official sites or So, make sure you buy your favourite jerseys from authorised and reputable online stores selling branded jerseys.

Neck tag

You must check all the details to avoid a fake jersey. So, take advantage of the neck detail that can provide you with much more information than you expect. If you see a clean logo on the neck tag, you are good to go. But, if you find the logo unclear and the stitch goes over it, that is a fake jersey.

NBA logo

You can easily detect that NBA logos are incorrect on fake jerseys. You can spot the difference by comparing jersey logos to an official NBA logo.

You can also tell if the NBA jersey is authentic by looking at the embroidered NBA logo with layered stitching in multiple colours. Counterfeit jerseys don’t pay attention to the logo detail and usually have a heat-applied or sewn patch.

Jock tag

Don’t miss checking the positioning and location of the jock tag. These tags are found at the bottom left when worn. You are eyeing a fake jersey if you see any thickness and font size inconsistency. Fake jerseys create font sizes thicker than the authentic ones, and once you learn to spot it, there is no chance you are making a wrong purchase.


While perforation sizes vary across different brands, variations and generations, taking a good look at them can help you with your purchase. But you must have a keen eye for details to understand perforations, and once you do, you become a pro at buying authentic jerseys.

You must pay attention to the material or fabric as you check every other detail while buying NBA jerseys. You get vintage jerseys in heavier materials, but modern technology makes jerseys a lot lighter. An authentic jersey made of polyester mesh will feel smooth against your skin, while a fake one may be scratchy and rough. So, be mindful of every aspect of your jersey before purchasing.

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