Top 3 Roman-Themed Slot Games

Slot machines themed after Ancient Rome are a must-try for history buffs. There are a variety of ways in which different Roman slots might differ, including features and gameplay, but they always have one thing in common: a Roman theme – also check out Spartacus slot game.

Typical Roman slot machines have an aggressive, combative soundtrack and a striking burgundy and gold aesthetic. Their entire allure is staggering for gamblers who relish the chance to engage in classic themes and spin the reels in the hopes of winning. Providers see that and act on it right away. This is why players worldwide may find Roman-themed one-armed bandits at virtual casinos. They allow you to try out different games without sacrificing the focus on the topic. 

Cleopatra slots are a lot of fun if you enjoy games with historical themes like Roman slots. Slot machines with a Roman theme often centre on a single storyline and set of characters. The protagonists of such stories are typically battle-ready gladiators. Sometimes it will be your turn to attempt to conquer the Roman Empire. Helmets, swords, shields, jewellery, and other items of ancient Roman culture are the most famous icons in slot machines themed after this era. Whatever the theme of your Roman slot machine, you’re guaranteed a good time.

Roman Tribune

Battles and conflicts in the ancient world were either quick and violent or drawn out and brutal. The Romans had one of the most feared armies of any civilization, and with their empire reaching the ends of the Earth, their wars were unlike anything seen in modern times. Leaders were essential to maintain order throughout the Roman army, which collectively comprised a lethal force. This highly significant status was honoured in the free Roman Tribune slot machine. 

Konami’s Roman Tribune is a 5×3 reel, 30-payline video slot with an equally classic army. The Tribunes are at the head of this army, a combination of illustrious politicians and lethal soldiers that might bring enormous success or catastrophic failure.

Roman Colosseum

Players who want to invest some quality time and real money on a slot machine rarely stray from historical themes. We can all envision life in those distant eras because of the thrill of travelling through time. 

Novomatic’s Roman Colosseum is a 5-reel, 3-row, and 2-column slot machine themed on the arena where gladiators once fought. The pay table is very good and fits the wealth and way of life of a Roman Emperor. With such an elegant backdrop, players can expect equally impressive payouts, and Novomatic does not disappoint them.


If you thought the film Gladiator was an incredible story of retribution, then you’ll appreciate Playtech’s slot machine version of the film, which is just one more in a long line of movie-themed games. 

General Maximus, the hero of an Academy Award-winning film, is cast out of the Roman Army he once proudly served and, with his family murdered, is imprisoned as a Gladiator for the sole purpose of entertaining the crowd at the Coliseum, including Emperor Commodus, whom Maximus wants nothing more than to kill. 

When 3 or more Coliseum Bonus Symbols appear in any position, this bonus round begins, and players select stones from the coliseum wall to reveal prizes. Row 1 stones disclose the number of free spins you’ve earned, while row 2 stones reveal a reward multiplier. During your free spins, more Scatter and Wild Symbols will appear in rows 3 and 4, and they will be randomly placed wherever on the reels. During your free spins, if Commodus appears on reel 3, you’ll get an extra three spins. Prizes of up to 100 times the total wager can be won when the triggering Scatter Symbols appear.

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