Top Online Learning Platforms for Students

The transition from traditional to digital learning methods has changed a lot of things. Around the world, office employees and students have been studying using new, updated technologies. The learning strategies underwent changes in new schematics during the pandemic era.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 global epidemic is a bad time to sharpen your abilities, yet many people are still working in business, working from home, trying to approach new clients, and looking up to their loved ones. Online learning platforms are one of the best ways to continue developing and being creative while under instructions to stay at home. You will find some of the top internet resources in this post that might help you reach your goals by learning from different professors of various universities in association with these platforms.

Top Online Platforms to develop Skills

Italian online classes can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Anyone can take an Italian class online with the right approach, resources, and motivation. As the system of education has been shifted in a different pattern, these online platforms provide you free access to some of their paid plans. Let’s have a detailed discussion about them, in brief, to know about their offers. All the online platforms follow one rule, i.e., MOOC stands for Massive online open courses. MOOC is available to all those who wish to learn by simply signing up for these platforms.


It is one of the best online platforms that offer a variety of courses from top education providers present around the world. This online learning platform has provided you with the world’s best educational resources through MOOC. This online platform is associated with some companies such as Google,  IBM,  PwC, etc. And also partners with universities, namely Duke,  Penn,  Stanford, Pecking, Michigan, HEC Paris, etc.  The fee structure of the courses on this platform is different and charged individually, some financial aid is also provided to students who qualify.


This online platform is another most popular among those available. This helps you to develop and polish your hobbies in a variety of ways. From public speaking to web development, they offer an entire range of different programs. Various popular companies such as Adidas,  Lyft,, and General Mills are using the business plans of Udemy. It provides great support to instructors. They can generate,  share and promote their courses through search and discovery, email campaigns, and different external partners for promotion. The various courses are available starting from $12.99 and vary as per the course, whereas the business plans are available at a starting price of $360 per year per person.

LinkedIn Learning (

LinkedIn learning is a MOOC platform that has a variety of courses, including creativity,  technology, and business courses. LinkedIn Learning has merged with For over a decade, Lynda has been serving with informative and video-based training for corporate and academics, including individuals. This platform is well known for teaching skills such as coding and photography. This serves around 10,000 organizations connected to Adobe,  NBC,  USC,  University, and Full Sail, Patagonia. It provides one month trial subscription. Then the courses start from $29.99 per month.


Udacity is one such platform that emphasizes job-oriented training programs and courses. It offers Nanodegree, also called micro-credentials, that focus on in-demand skills in various technologies. Right from Artificial Intelligence,  Machine Learning, self-driving cars, Robotics, etc., are all current trends in technology. The enterprise clients of Udacity are vast, including AT&T,  Google,  Twitter,  Accenture,  Bosch,  BMW,  Shell, and many more. Almost 200 courses are available for free on this platform. A Nanodegree program starts from $200 per month to a maximum of $2400 per month as per your requirements.


Edx is one such MOOC( Massive online open course) platform that provides you with university-level online programs. It has almost 120 institutional partners, such as  Harvard, MIT,  Berkeley,  RWTH,  Delft, and many more. This platform provides you with six different types of categories of courses Micromaster programs, one-off courses, Global Freshmen Academy,  Professional certification, and XSeries program. All these programs cover the skill development material, meeting the demands of today’s market. Some unverified courses offered are absolutely free of cost, and verified courses start from $50 and could go upto an extension of $300.


One such platform that is accessible online and helpful for both professors and students is called Skillshare. This website’s growing popularity is also due to the diversity of fields it offers. This platform offers numerous courses in a wide range of subjects, including design, photography, technology, business, marketing, fashion, music, gaming, film, food, and writing. By carefully following the step-by-step directions provided on websites, the involved teachers can quickly build classes and share them. When students sign up for the premium memberships through referral subscriptions, the teacher receives some remuneration. Free, premium and team planning programs are all available. All premium program options start at $8 per month.


In the paragraphs above, we discussed the various online resources that support both students and teachers through their variety of course offerings. As a result, during the global pandemic, they became a vital source for enhancing one’s knowledge and assisting you in continuing to grow without pausing in your career and educational requirements. Most platforms keep you concentrated on your capacity to think critically and adapt through educational programs, which help you build a successful job. These are the most crucial elements that contribute to the success of online learning platforms.

By altering some conventional techniques, we improve educational opportunities by establishing virtual reality settings or live broadcasts that have completely replaced traditional classroom settings. These platforms provide you with some practical strategies to focus on the subjects more readily, and the content is quite dynamic, which draws in learners. Therefore, we may conclude that these online learning platforms are dominant in the current educational system. You can use these platforms to find out more details about the various courses they offer. With certain courses, they award credentials.

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