8 Solid Safety Tips To Prevent Rideshare Accidents In Connecticut

Rideshares have gained immense prominence in Connecticut and other parts of the country over the past few years. While they offer cost-friendly and environmental-friendly transportation and commutation solutions, you must be careful of the rider and the company you are commuting with. 

Rideshare accidents have become too prevalent in Connecticut. What’s worse is that most people are unaware of their right to claims when involved in a rideshare accident. 

If you have been a part of an accident in a rideshare, click here to explore the best legal options. Let us now discuss about the 8 unparalleled safety tips to avoid rideshare accidents in Connecticut. 

Tips to Prevent Rideshare Accidents

Ensuring a safe driving experience for the passengers is the job of the driver. However, as a passenger, you can consider the following safety tips to keep yourself safe:

1. Always Wear Seatbelts 

As a passenger, always buckle up and ensure everyone in the vehicle does the same.

2. Verify Driver and Vehicle Information

Before getting into a rideshare vehicle, confirm that the driver’s photo, name, and license plate number match the information provided in the app.

3. Wait for the Ride in Safe Locations 

Wait for your rideshare in well-lit and populated areas, such as near buildings or busy streets, to minimize the risk of potential dangers.

4. Communicate Concerns

If you feel uncomfortable or notice any unsafe driving behavior, politely address the issue with the driver or contact the rideshare company’s support immediately.

5. Use Emergency Features 

Familiarize yourself with the emergency features within the rideshare app, such as the ability to call emergency services or share your ride details with friends.

6. Encourage Responsible Driving

As a passenger, you can help promote safe driving by refraining from pressuring the driver to speed or engage in risky behavior.

7. Report Incidents

If you experience any safety concerns or accidents during your rideshare trip, report them to the rideshare company and, if necessary, law enforcement.

8. Avoid Distractions

Both drivers and passengers should avoid distractions such as texting, using smartphones excessively, or engaging in activities that take attention away from the road.

Final Words

Choosing a reputable rideshare services with a trackrecord of safety and positive reviews can help you eliminate rideshare accidents. However, in case you experience negligence driving, or any injury is caused to you due to a rideshare accident caused by the driver’s mistake, you must file a personal injury case against the company/driver. Get in touch with an attorney to understand your options. 

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