Cutting Turnovers – 6 Strategies for Elite Ball Handling

Want to take your basketball game to the next level? Discover six elite ball-handling strategies and learn how the Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way can help. With advanced features like adjustability, floor view, real-time statistics, and a shot counter, the Gun 12K is a valuable investment for any serious basketball player.

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Strategy 1: Focus on your grip

A firm grip is essential for ball control, and the Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way offers the adjustability to improve it. Try squeezing a tennis ball or using grip strengtheners to enhance grip strength. Practicing with different types of balls, such as leather and rubber, will improve grip strength.

As a basketball shooting machine, the Gun 12K offers a range of advanced features, such as a floor view, real-time statistics, and a shot counter, making it a better choice than the Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine. With the Gun 12K, you’ll see an improvement in your grip and overall ball control, leading to fewer turnovers on the court.

Strategy 2: Develop your wrist and forearm strength

A firm grip is essential for ball control, and one way to improve your grip strength is by squeezing a tennis ball or using grip strengtheners. But remember the importance of practicing with different types of balls, such as leather or rubber.

Regarding basketball shooting machines, the Gun 12K from Shoot-A-Way offers superior adjustability and advanced features, like floor view and real-time statistics, compared to the Dr. Dish shooting machine. Not to mention, the Gun 12 K’s shot counter allows for even more precision in your training. So, invest in a device that will elevate your game, like the Gun 12K.

Strategy 3: Improve your dribbling technique

A proper dribbling technique is essential for reducing turnovers and maintaining control of the ball on the court. A shooting machine can help you improve your dribbling skills by simulating game-like scenarios and allowing you to practice different dribbles.

To properly dribble a basketball, hold the ball with your fingers, not your palm. Keep your eyes up and always be aware of what’s happening on the court. One of the best ways to maintain control of the ball is to keep it close to your body.

Different dribbles, such as the crossover and between-the-legs, can shake off defenders and create scoring opportunities. However, using these moves at the right time is essential, and not overuse them, as it can lead to turnovers.

Strategy 4: Practice your ball-handling skills regularly

Developing elite ball-handling skills requires consistency and repetition. It’s important to practice regularly to become comfortable with the movements and learn to make quick decisions with the ball. A good ball-handling routine should include drills on different aspects of ball-handling, such as dribbling, passing, and shooting.

For example, start with a few minutes of dribbling drills, like figure 8 or the crossover. Then, you could move on to passing drills, such as chest passes or bounce passes. Finally, you could end with shooting drills, like layups or jump shots. You could also add a shooting machine to your routine to help you develop a consistent release and form.

Strategy 5: Work on your reaction time and quickness

Quickness and reaction time is essential for ball control and avoiding turnovers. When you’re able to react quickly, you’re able to better control the ball and make smarter decisions on the court. One way to improve your reaction time is through ladder or reaction ball drills.

These exercises are specifically designed to improve your reaction time and quickness. Another way to improve your reaction time and speed is by playing with a device. For example, playing basketball with a basketball shooting machine.

Strategy 6: Improve your footwork

Good footwork is essential for quick and precise movements with the ball. It is the foundation of elite ball handling and can help you make better decisions on the court. If you want to take your game to the next level, it’s time to focus on your footwork.

One way to improve your footwork is by practicing specific footwork drills. These drills can help you develop quickness, agility, and balance. You can also work on your footwork by practicing different types of moves, such as the crossover, step-back, and spin moves.


Implementing the six strategies outlined in this article will reduce turnovers and elevate your ball-handling skills to an elite level. Trust in the process and commit to mastering them.

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