Obtain a New Flair to Your Old Furniture with These Couch Cover Designs

Couches are centerpieces for any social area or living space. Being functional, they act as the focal point. If you want to balance aesthetics with comfort by creating an impressive effect through the décor, you should use attractive couch covers. Here are some ideas for couch cover designs that can give a new flair to your old furniture.

Soft Slip Covers

When you want to refurbish your sofa for a new look, slipcovers are a great option. They are cloth covers that are fitted and are easily removed when required for cleaning. If you have a sectional couch, the covers can be made out of any fabric of your taste.

L-Shaped Sofa Covers

Although a bit more expensive than the regular-shaped ones, L-shaped couches covers are very demanding in the market. You will be able to customize the designs with your tailor for making the L-shaped couch covers which are very pleasant to the eyes.

Armchair Slip Covers

Just as the name suggests, the covers should be slipped into an armchair. When you are using a bright floral print on your armchair, it will definitely rejuvenate the look and feel of your rooms.

Drop Cloth Slipcovers

If you want to create a luxurious look, you should use drop-cloth slipcovers. These covers do not require any sewing and can easily be dropped down. You can spread it out by dropping down the fabric on the sectional couch cover. This awesome makeover is also very functional as it increases the life of your furniture.

Couch Tufting Covers

The tufting covers are generally made by creating a geometric pattern with stitching and buttons on the upholstery. You can use a diamond pattern by deep buttoning your plain couch cover and enhancing the beauty of your room. When used with velvet covers, the couch will provide a glamorous look to your room.

Moroccan Design Covers

For creating a traditional vibe, you can use the Moroccan design with soft and bright fabric. When your basic sofa covers are white or light colored, bright-colored cushions and throw designs will look vibrant. Besides increasing the beauty of the room, it protects your sofa from getting dirty.

Ruffled Slipcovers

When you want to refresh with a new aura in your living space, you should go for the ruffled slipcovers instead of the fitted ones. The ruffled design can create regality and provide you with royal aesthetics.

Reupholstered Couch Covers

For enhancing the beauty of your room, you need not invest a huge by buying a new couch. Instead, you can go for interesting couch covers with different colorful fabrics according to your preferences. A classic as well as a glamorous twist can be provided to your drawing room when you reupholster it with new couch covers.


Though available in different patterns and colors, the couch covers can also be customized with your tailor according to your preferences. Your couch covers should be aligned with the colors of the wall or floor so that it does not look out of place. The entire above-mentioned couch cover designs are functional as well as provide a renovated look to your living spaces.

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