Everything You Need to Know for a First Time Car Shipper

Many people are stressed while hiring a car shipping company for the first time. They even try to find other means to transport their precious vehicle to the desired location. However, well-acclaimed auto transporters suggest you choose the best car transporter in your locality by following certain tips provided by them on their blogs.

It is a fact that you won’t be disappointed when booking at Ship A Car, Inc website for shipping your vehicle safely and quickly. The transporting company staff has decades of experience to transport any kind and size of vehicles with ease. They are stated to be top-rated vehicle shipping company by their earlier customers throughout the US.

Tips to follow for clearing your doubts because of first-time car shipping:

  • Research about the short-listed auto transporters – You can search online, read the reviews of their earlier customers, view their ratings and read in detail about the services they are ready to provide for their customer’s convenience. You can even contact their customer service staff to clear your doubts.
  • Once you decide the other main concern of any car owner will be the cost of shipping. Actually, the transporting price depends upon many factors like the distance of travelling, size and model of the car. Sometimes quick service and the season of the year increase the cost. The other factors raising the cost is choosing special facilities like closed carriers and door-to-door vehicle shipping service.
  • Understand whether they are insured and possess all legalities for safe transportation of your vehicle. The insurance can be claimed if unfortunately your vehicle gets damaged while shipping. They should have the license to drive the carrier truck to your decided destination.
  • Make sure that they don’t exceed the estimated cost. It will be helpful to check pricing for each facility before deciding the fare for the vehicle transportation.
  • It is always stress-free to choose close carriers compared to open carriers as they promote more safety while the car is shipped. Your precious car would remain dirt free and not exposed to outside environment hazards.
  • After comparing quotes from different auto transporters and verifying their legal registration policies, and insurance it is time to decide whether the auto transporter is right for you or not. However, while you finalize the deal, make sure to read every word of the document before signing.

Some more valuable tips before you drop your vehicle at the transporter’s yard:

  • Clean the vehicle inside and out. It is helpful to not leave any car-related documents, loose elements in the car. It is better to get the car serviced by a skilled mechanic as it will be in absolute working condition.
  • It is advisable to keep the tank fuel half-filled as a full tank can prove dangerous.
  • Take close-up pics of your vehicle’s exterior and interior parts to provide as evidence to claim insurance if it gets damaged.

Enjoy first-time car shipping by consulting Ship A Car, Inc, one of the most reliable auto transporters in the US.

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