Getting New Underwear: When’s the Right Time

When purchasing underwear, surveys have shown that women get their hands on a few new pairs every 4-6 months, whereas an average man seems to make underwear last for an average of 7 years. Whether by preceding the use of underwear wholly or by mastering the art of turning it inside out, it does not seem healthy to use the same underwear for that long. So, how often should you say goodbye to the old underwear and get new boxers underwear?

The Lifespan of Underwear

To be honest, there is no clear-cut answer for deciding the lifespan of your underwear. How long a pair will last depends on various factors, such as the fabric, frequency of use, and how it is washed and dried. If you have a lot of pairs you are rotating through, they tend to suffer from lesser damage and last long. Most of the time, synthetic fabrics only last for a short time, unlike moisture-wicking natural fabrics. In addition, friction can cause wear and tear to your underwear.

Yet, this is not a number telling you when to replace your underwear. Here’s a safe guess: 6 to 9 months. Replacing your underwear after using it for 6 to 9 months can avoid embarrassment after a date night or make you feel clean.

Signs That It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Understandably, you will be attached to your most comfortable boxers underwear. Everyone loves a pair of underwear that has been broken in. however, if you start seeing tears or holes in them, there is no other choice than to trash them.

However, you cannot always wait until your underwear has holes to get new pairs. So, here are a few signs you should look out for to find your next favourite underwear.

Thinning Fabric

Once you wear and wash a piece of garment enough times, the fabric starts to erode. Slowly, as the material deteriorates, you will be able to notice a sheer texture to the underwear. Sometimes, your underwear fabric will never tear but become translucent enough to let the crown jewels shine through.

Undeniable Stains

You can look away from some stains on your garments. Some stains can be washed off with potent cleaning agents. But, if stains on your underwear refuse to budge, you must say goodbye to the pair, no matter how long you have used it.

Not Your Size

With enough washes, most fabrics either shrink or stretch out. Underwear fabrics often belong to the latter. If your underwear has grown since you bought it, ditch it. No questions asked. You might want to keep it because there is more breathing room now, but wearing the boxers or briefs seems futile without the support it is supposed to give.

Final Thoughts

Try handwashing your underwear as often as possible to keep your underwear in its best shape for the longest. If you know your way around a washing machine, try to set it to the mildest settings. Using a separate load for underwear is always advised. Remember to stick to air-drying underwear rather than using machine dryers.

When it comes to undergarments, comfort is of utmost importance. Keeping your undergarments in pristine shape can do wonders for your self-image, sex appeal, and overall appearance. Remember, never compromise comfort or style when it comes to underwear.

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