Want To Make Black Diamond Jewellery? Here’s All You Need To Know

From ancient times to modern days, diamonds have been a priceless possession and a reliable investment for most individuals. These tiny decorative items are used for personal adornment and are gifted on special occasions to bring joy and happiness. In recent times, the rapid growth of black diamond jewellery has led to its emergence as an important economic sector.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to humankind and are made of crystallised carbon with unique light reflection powers. Since diamonds are composed of a single element, they are the purest form of gemstones. The dazzling effect of diamonds is the symbol of love and eternity, and the beauty of this crystal can easily catch anyone’s attention. However, various myths about black diamonds have made people believe it to be a curse. Black diamonds are similar to white diamonds, with a significant difference in their structural components.

Types of Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are also called carbonados because they have high amounts of carbon atoms in their structure. They have a unique style and a mysterious beauty that makes them stand out from regular diamonds. In contradiction to traditional diamonds, black diamonds are known to be found in alluvial deposits. Black diamonds can occur naturally or be treated artificially to give them a style quotient.

1 Natural Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds have a significantly higher value due to their genuine black appearance. Although they are extremely rare, they are priced similarly to traditional diamonds.

2 Heat-Treated Black Diamonds

Natural diamonds are specifically heat-treated to give an overall black appearance. As a result, they are of lesser value than natural ones.

3 Lab-Grown Diamonds

They are chemically treated diamonds grown in the laboratory, which is done by converting a carbon block into a diamond. Such diamonds can take around four weeks to achieve the desired black colour.

Unique Features of Black Diamonds
1 Extremely Rare

Black diamonds are extremely rare and are found in very few countries worldwide. Most black diamonds found in retail shops are manufactured or artificially treated.

2 Cutting Efficiency

Black diamonds have a higher cutting efficiency than regular diamonds. It may take almost a year to sculpt a piece of black diamond jewellery to specific dimensions.

3 Affordability

Although black diamonds are found to be rare, they come at affordable pricing and are cheaper than colourless diamonds.

4 Styling Apparel

Black, a standard colour, can be styled with any clothes and give a luxurious touch to your overall appearance. Moreover, brides prefer a black diamond ring due to its unique features.

Myths About Black Diamonds
1 Is a Black Diamond a Curse?

Black diamonds are not a curse. On the contrary, most black diamonds appear opaque due to their capacity to absorb more light. Although black is considered inauspicious by most people, it is believed that black diamonds are precious stones.

2 Are Black Diamonds Fake?

Just like regular diamonds, black diamonds occur naturally. The myth about black diamonds being fake has been fading away. Black diamonds are not fake and are also found on this planet, similar to colourless diamonds.

In Conclusion

The myths regarding black diamonds have been vanishing with time. Moreover, they have recently been considered precious and invaluable due to their astounding value. Hence, black diamonds are unquestionably eye-catchers that shine bright despite their appearance and can be a remarkable gift for loved ones. Black is back, peeps!

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