Strip Club Rules that You Should Know Beforehand

Etiquette in Las Vegas strip clubs isn’t something you’re likely to hear talked about at the coffee shop, but some unwritten rules definitely exist. You are in a Gentlemen’s Club, so a good rule of thumb is to act like a gentleman.

Strip clubs can be fun when you know and follow the rules. Read on for a deeper dive into some etiquette to keep in mind before you hit the clubs.

1. Back Away from the Phone

You chose to visit one of the Las Vegas strip clubs, so try putting away your phone and enjoying the entertainment. If you’re in the mood to text your booty call after watching for a bit, don’t forget that the performers work hard to please and entertain you.

Give them the respect they deserve, and if you need to make or take a call, put down a few bucks and walk away to do your business.

2.No Photos or Videos in the Club

Keep your phone camera turned off. In the age of cell phones, everyone records everything. It’s easy to assume that recording or photographing the performers is all good. Not so.

In a strip club, it breaches the dancers’ privacy and distracts other customers. It’s also illegal to photograph or record anything in a club. If you’re caught once, it’s a misdemeanor charge for “video voyeurism.” A second offense is a felony. What happens in Las Vegas strip clubs stays in the clubs.

3.Resist the Temptation to Show Off

Don’t show the performers selfies of your nether region. If you’re in the VIP room with a gorgeous stripper, enjoy your time with her instead of scrolling through your phone’s gallery, telling her, “wait, I wanna show you something.”

Strippers are in the customer service business, and while she may keep a poker face and give you a cordial smile, she’s not amused.

4.Bring Money and Come Prepared to Spend It

Strip clubs make money in various ways, primarily by taking a cut of whatever you spend on the girls, alcohol, cover charge, etc. Many other people besides the girls work at the club and need to get paid.

A dancer often works as an independent contractor and could be on the hook for a $100 house fee and another $100 that needs to be tipped out to other workers at the end of her shift, meaning she needs to make $200 just to break even for the night. If you thought a fun night at the strip club would only cost a cover charge and a few $1 bills, think again.

5.Don’t Divert Attention

If you went to see a Cirque Du Soleil show, you wouldn’t stand up and devour your girlfriend’s face in front of the performers and everyone else. The same goes for strip clubs. While the performers are doing their thing, don’t pull your girlfriend over to lap-hump you or anything else that prompts others to yell, “get a room!”

6.No Licking or Kissing the Merchandise

Unless the stripper explicitly permits you, do not make physical contact with her using any part of your body. Lap dances can turn into air dances, meaning the stripper won’t touch you at all if she thinks she’s in danger of being hit with your saliva. Instead, respect the performer’s space and keep your tongue and lips to yourself.

7.No Grabbing the Merchandise Either

There is no legit reason that you need to touch or grab any of the girls. They’ve likely heard all the excuses from guys saying they want to look at a tattoo or something else lame.

In Vegas strip clubs, come prepared to look with your eyes, not your hands, unless you want to get to know the bouncer quickly. The scenario could improve if you’re paying for VIP time and the stripper gives her consent.

8.Refrain from Asking Strippers Out

So how many guys try this one every night? If you’re thinking of telling a dancer you’d rather buy her a nice dinner out sometime instead of just giving her a tip, think again. Understand that these girls are on the clock looking to maximize their earnings for the night, like any other businessperson.

Every minute they spend not making tips is a wasted opportunity, and they will take their stiletto heels elsewhere before you can even finish your sentence.

Knowing some etiquette and treating the dancers with respect will increase your enjoyment and, most likely, reward you with more attention from the dancers. Keeping your hands and cameras to yourself, letting the girls do their thing and showing your appreciation with generous tips can contribute to a club night you won’t soon forget.

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