Things To Do At Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Are you about to visit Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this winter? Not sure how exactly you will make the most out of your holiday there? Well, Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland, is an extremely lucrative destination for both kids and adults alike. It has got loads of family activities and can also keep you entertained throughout the day. The place is an extraordinary place to visit during the winter months. However, you can visit the wonderland at other times of the year as well. So, let us have a look at a few things that you can do at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland:

Magical Ice Kingdom:

The magical Ice Kingdom is one of the most incredible destinations of Winter Wonderland. It has got a huge number of ice sculptures that are worth admiring. You will be able to take hundreds of photographs of yourself in the beautiful icy background. There are houses and thrones all created of ice. The temperature is really low. So, don’t forget to wrap yourself up in warm clothing items. You will also be able to take yourself into a magical land by visiting this place.

Ice Skating:

Ice skating is really fun and this is something you can do quite generously at Winter Wonderland. The rink is extremely large and there are a lot of picturesque spaces from which you can click yourself for pictures. Somerset House is another very popular destination. You can also hire skates at no additional cost. This is a really good family activity for your entire family.

Ice Sculpting Workshops:

You can also take part in an ice sculpting workshop where you will learn to make great cultures on ice. These workshops are held every now and then and the entire family can take part in the workshop. These workshops are perfect for all those kids who are 12 years or older. However, tickets are limited. So, make sure to get your tickets early.


There are a lot of rides that you can enjoy there. You should also not forget to enjoy the Real Ice Flight, which is an extraordinary ride. It might be a bit scary for kids but you are definitely going to love it. Even the kids will have a lot of fun going on this ride. There are plenty of other rides as well. So, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can also write on the Giant Wheel and have a lot of fun.


If your kid loves Santa Claus, then you should be visiting Santaland and your kids will be able to meet Santa and greet him in a beautiful way. This is going to be a really awesome trip for your kids and they are surely going to love the experience.

So, book your winter wonderland holidays today itself and make all the moments count. If you want any help with your trip, you may contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary guidelines.

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