What frame color should you choose?


You feel yourself in a fix while selecting the right glasses frame for you. You need the best guide when choosing the right frame for you. The frame you choose should complement your face shape and skin tone. You will look ugly if it does not match your complexion and your face shape. Glassesshop provides the best of the best frames you need.

If you have been in such a situation and wonder which glasses frame you need, you need some tips to find the right frame for your face. To be more clear in such situations, read the following article. This guide will assit you to choose the best frame for you. These are the tips you should consider. Read on!

 Tips for choosing the right frames:

Step 1: Pair your frames with your eye color.

When pairing up the eye color with the frames, you must consider this factor.

Step 2: Match your hair color.

If you think your hair color doesn’t affect the frames, then you are not right. The best frame is chosen when you consider every element. Eye color and hair color combine and work together to fix this problem. These tips are given in the next section.

Step 3: Match your skin tone

With hair color and eye color, you need to match the frame to your skin tone too. When choosing your outfit and everything you wear, your complexion is very important. It will only grace your personality if you choose the frame according to your skin tone.

 Eye Color:

Eyes are the most important things on your face. The frame color must match them. Here are the tips you need to consider in these terms.

Brown eyes are usually paired with a cool tone. You need to pair up your eyes with frames like tortoiseshell, gold, brown glasses, or green.

Blue beautifies the gray frames, brown glasses, and tortoise shell patterns. It will complement their skin tone.

Gold, pink, and purple glasses complement the green eyes. Choose your favorite color from one of these.

 Hair Color:

Hair color also affects the frames you choose for your glasses. Following are the tips you need to consider in this regard:

  • If you have brunette hair, you must choose lighter tones of the frames, such as brown ash glasses, gold, or light red.
  • If you have blonde hair, you must pair it with a dark color, such as black or dark brown glasses, especially if they have metal frames.
  • The black color complements the black frames, a black-brown combination, or some other dark color.

Skin tone:

Skin tones influence the frames of glasses, hair color, and eye color separately. Use the following tips in this regard:

  • A light or peachy skin tone must choose light colors. It will complement their faces. They should choose colors like light brown, gold, purple, pink, or white.
  • If you have dark skin, you must go for dark-colored frames like black, dark yellow, dark green, etc.


With the above guidelines, you can easily choose the frame color you want. Choose your favorite frame colors using the above guidelines. Choose your favorite frames from the official website of Glassesshop.

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