What You Need To Know About Multi-Stage Purifiers

Water purifiers can be of different types based on their filters and working principles. However, the best water purifiers always have multiple purification steps. These combine the working principles of different types of purifiers. These fantastic machines contain more than one type of filter in a single body.

Most people in India do not have much knowledge about these purifiers. Due to this reason, most individuals miss out on the opportunity to drink the water of superior quality. People should know about the importance of these purifiers and how they can protect their health. They must also know about their maintenance as this can sometimes be complex.

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3 Stage Water Purifier

One of India’s most common water purifiers has three stages. These consist of sediment and carbon filters and another one, usually an RO membrane. In these cleaners, the sediment and carbon filters first remove all impurities from the water. The RO membrane removes the remaining impurities.

These purifiers tend to be the cheapest ones. One can also clean and maintain them easily. These machines are also relatively small in size. Therefore, one can install them easily in any spot in their home.

4 Stage Water Purifier

Another type of multi-step purifier is the one with four stages of purification. Like the 3 stage purifiers, these also use RO membranes, although some might also use other filters. However, these have a sediment pre-filter and a carbon filter that remove most contaminants from water.

After this, the water flows through the membrane, removing many solid impurities. The water then again flows through another carbon filter. This removes remaining impurities and improves the taste and smell of the water.

These are more efficient than 3-stage purifiers and produce better-quality water. The maintenance of these is also easy. However, one might still need to contact a technician for repairs. A person can search for Kent RO service near me in Patna to find the best technicians.

5 Stage Water Purifier

A better alternative to 3 and 4-stage purifiers is the one with five stages. These consist of three carbon filters and a sediment filter. Like the first two purifiers, these also use reverse osmosis membranes most of the time. These purifiers tend to use the best form of sediment filters possible.

Water in these first has to go through a polypropylene sediment filter. Then it moves through two carbon filters. These remove most impurities and germs before the water moves through the RO membrane. After this, the water moves through a post-carbon filter, improving its taste.

These purifiers tend to provide the tastiest water when compared to other purifiers. These are also more efficient in removing chemical contaminants than others. Maintenance can be simple or complex, depending on the designs. However, the latest designs are very efficient and require less maintenance.

6 Stage Water Purifier

Purifiers with six stages of purification tend to be better than the 5 stage ones. This is because these purifiers come with an extra feature, a re-mineraliser. This component adds more minerals to water, making it healthy enough for consumption.

These purifiers produce water with more essential minerals compared to others. Maintenance of these machines’ latest designs is also relatively more straightforward. The water from these can help protect a person from deficiency diseases.

7-Stage Water Purifier

A 7-stage water purifier can differ from another similar one based on its designs. Some of these can have multiple filters for purification. However, others can have an ionising cartridge along with the features of a 6-stage purifier.

Generally, most companies offer 7-stage purifiers with multiple filters and an ionising chamber. Combining these features purifies the water and balances the pH levels. These also act as water softeners due to their electrolytic reactions.

The pH levels of water from these purifiers tend to be healthier than that from a water ioniser. These also remove negative ions while retaining essential elements and minerals. These also cost less than water ionisers and softeners.

Other Purifiers

Currently, multi-stage purifiers can consist of 8 or 9 steps but not more. The eight and 9-stage purifiers contain a combination of RO, UV and UF filters. These connect other pre and post-filtration systems. These can also have ionising and mineralisation chambers.

The water from these tends to be of the best quality. These machines also come with durable designs and extended warranty periods. However, one might need to contact technicians for their maintenance. This is due to their complex designs. One can still maintain them by cleaning their components.

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