Top Reasons to Try Facial Contouring

It is a fact that we look at face when we meet someone. The better your looks, the more confident you can be about your appearance.

If you are not confident about your facial features, try facial contouring. This means, you can feel more confident about your looks with the help of facial contouring.

You don’t have to feel bad anymore looking at your facial features in the mirror.

Tell your requirements to the medical beauty team at the aesthetic center and they will do their best for you.

It is the chin or cheek implants, which are used commonly for enhancing the appearance of your facial features. In fact, your facial features look more symmetrical with the chin or cheek implants.

To create a more balanced look, jaw augmentation will be used commonly. For aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, etc, it is forehead and eyelid rejuvenation surgery that is recommended for a younger appearance.

If your aging signs are not too severe, you can try the injectables. However, ensure that you choose the right injectables.

Whether you want to get rid of your wrinkles or want a facial contour, try Ellanse. This type of injection can do wonders on your face.

There are so many aesthetic centers that offer Elanse and other beauty treatments. But there is no guarantee that each and every aesthetic center offers the best beauty treatment.

To find the best aesthetic center, ensure that you read the online reviews properly. Choose an aesthetic center like Retens, if you are looking for the best beauty treatment.

Ellanse 少女針 is recommended for which age group?

It is usually recommended for women with age 25 and above. Try it only if you really need it.

If somebody asks you to try it forcefully, never go for it. Remember, for the treatment to work, you must stay with a positive mind.


After trying this injection, you don’t have to take any special care. You can simply go back to your work. But ensure that you are not stressed out.

Avoid smoking and alcohol after the treatment, at least for the next 15 to 20 days. If possible, it is better to avoid smoking and alcohol completely, as they are the main culprits for various skin problems.

Avoid swimming for the next two to three weeks. It is also essential to avoid facials and massages for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

When you step out of your house, cover your face properly with a piece of a soft cloth. Take the suggestions on how to maintain your skin from the therapists at the aesthetic center.

Are these injections costly?

No, these injections are not at all costly. Many people think that only celebrities can afford such injections.

But that is not true. There are so many aesthetic centers that offer them at a reasonable price. Hong Kong is very popular for these injections.

In fact, people from many parts of the world visit Hong Kong for various beauty treatments due to their affordable cost and effective results.

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